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Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System


At BIOVIGIL, They develop and deliver innovative, leading-edge hygiene improvement solutions that deliver 95+% compliance with stated policies, reduce risk and increase patient satisfaction. Our systems do not interrupt clinical workflow and are extremely easy to install and use, ensuring that the right thing happens, every time…even when no one is looking.



the Field in

Infection Control & Isolation Room
Water Decontamination
Ultra Bio Ozone manufacturing different range of water decontamination and provide steril water to the hospitals unit and swiming pool.
Two completely different processes which work together to provide thorough, very high-quality disinfection and biological water sterilization without using chlorine or chemicals..
In Swiming pool no need for the costly effective chlorine to be added and no more allergy to the skin.

Air Decontamination & Isolation


MICROCON ® 800/400 HEPA Filter Units Over 4,000 Unit Installations in Hospitals, Worldwide. Including Health Care Facilities, Centers and Clinics throughout the US.

The MICROCON 800/400 HEPA Filter hospital and healthcare units create Mobile Negative Air Pressure Isolation Rooms for the treatment of Tuberculosis TB in Hospital Isolation Rooms and Positive Air Pressure for Bone Marrow Transplants and HIV patients.

Surface Decontamination


Now you can arm every member of your infection prevention team with an affordable and effective environment protection solution. Treat any room in your facility with a system proven to kill disease-causing pathogens, including the most difficult to kill, C. diff spores.

In addition, the Halo Disinfection System has unique accessories designed to solve many room treatment challenges. These accessories include HaloShield™ Vent Covers, Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Indicator Strips. Sanosil Solution is EPA listed.

News //

Sigen Contract with Sartas Co.

Jan 26, 2015

 We sigen contarct with Sartas Co. and we becoming the sole distributor for antibacterial paints and other products..

Regional Lab Molecular Decontamination.

Feb 24, 2015

 We decontaminate Molecular Lab at MOH and after checking 90 swabs we founnd all of them negative and lab star working again..

TB Day at KSMC Sponsering .

April 16, 2015

 We sponsored the TB day event and it was successful..

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Hand Hygiene Monitor Movi

About Us,


  We are High Standard Med. Inc. branch from Tanami  Contracting. We are providing Total solution in infection control & prevention and Isolatin room making with innovative and state of art technology systems and machines.


We have Hand Hyginene Solution for Health care wiith advance tehnology. Our team are expert in infection control & prevention. We represent the best and FDA & CE approved agecies.


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