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Hygienic Reprocessing of Flexible Endoscopes 
       The 5 moments for   hand hygiene

 Our training tools -Videos- for nursing and medical activities focus on hand hygiene: users easily learn to recognise the right moments for hand disinfection. The learning situations additionally take into account the indications for handwashing and glove use.


  Basis of the contents is the “My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene” model developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The model divides the situations that potentially involve a transmission of pathogens and therefore require hand disinfection into five indication groups.


 This film describes the complete cycle of manual and automated hygienic reprocessing of flexible endoscopes and demonstrates, with the aid of a practical example, how the individual steps of cleaning, disinfection and rinsing are to be carried out.


  The film shows how to clean and disinfect operation room



  This training film shows the substantial steps of surgical hand disinfection and explains the background of these measures in detail.




Cleaning & Disinfecting Operating Room

Surgical Hand Disinfection 

 E-Learning - Videos


In health care, hand and surface disinfection ranks among the most important measures to prevent infection. And our unique e-learning tools -Videos- make it a mere child’s play to implement important hygiene measures at the right moment.

There are learning units for nursing, medical and, most recently, emergency medical services. All of the tools reflect typical activities occurring in daily routine.