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  We specialize in providing total solution for infection control & prevention. We do provide decontamination systems for Air, Surfaces, and Water.

We have the latest technology for duct cleaning systems, we do have an amazing technology for Hand Hygiene Complian Monitoring system,and selling PPE( Face Mask N95, Cover shoe, Ebola & Corona Suit, Face Sheild, Unique dispensing Technique for Gloves for HAI reduction). We are the provider for the best Antibacterial Paint for Health care which Biocide Certified.


  All our solutions for HAI reduction and make life safe.

Products //

Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System


Two Hands at a Time.


Despite best intentions, busy healthcare workers sometimes overlook the single most important factor in the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections, proper hand hygiene.  Approximately two million patients acquire HAIs in U.S hospitals every year — and nearly 100,000 people die of them.  A significant percentage of these infections are preventable.



At BIOVIGIL, They develop and deliver innovative, leading-edge hygiene improvement solutions that deliver 95+% compliance with stated policies, reduce risk and increase patient satisfaction. Our systems do not interrupt clinical workflow and are extremely easy to install and use, ensuring that the right thing happens, every time…even when no one is looking.


Duct Cleaning 


 Danduct Clean is the world leading supplier of duct cleaning equipment and are supplying air duct cleaning equipment all over the world. The Danduct clean ductclean equipment are developed exactly to ensure good and healthy ventilation hygiene and thereby ensure the buildings indoor air quality (IAQ) being as high as possible.

Isolation Room Making


We are specialized in Isolation Room, Making , Negative pressure or Positive Preussre for OR with innovative systems and three in one Negative creating air purification by Hepa filter class 14, and killing Germs by UVGI from Biological Control Inc USA , FDA and CDC comply.

TSI Monitors


TSI is a leader in the design & production of precision measuring tools for aerosol science, air flow, indoor air quality, pressure monitors, dust monitors,  particals counter and Fit Test.


Isolation Room Assessment


 We do have isolation room assessment and checking if the negative pressure is working fine, checking ventaliation air change and velocity, and show for any diffect in sealing, then provide you with full report.

Hand Sanitizer Non Alcohol, Non Chlorin From Medi 9


We distribut the hand Sanitizer for hospital which killed 99.99% of microorganism.

Hand sanitizer-dispensing door handles increase hand hygiene compliance, and reduce 

HAI by 50%.



Personal Protection Equipment(PPE)


- Face Mask N 95 Dasheng Co. FDA, NIOSH

- SafeDon Nitral Gloves UK

-  Cover Shoe, Face Sheild, Ebola Suit

SafeDon Gloves

It only takes one unclean hand to infect a traditional glove box…


Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are a growing concern in today’s healthcare environment, with the most common route of transmitting micro-organisms being through hands. Gloves can’t always stop transmission, as studies have shown that traditional glove boxes and the gloves themselves frequently become contaminated due to the constant, unavoidable touch of multiple users. Wearing infected gloves increases the risk of cross-contamination and reduces the safety of both the wearer and the patient.


SafeDon™ Gloves are dispensed individually from the box. This unique “cuff 1st” dispensing mechanism ensures that the user does not touch the gloves within the box or the box itself whilst removing gloves, this helps to minimise cross contamination.



Doctor Bacter Antibacterial Paint


The only antibacterial paints certifeid in Turky and Europe as Biocide paints.
​Sartas is high quality and Gurantee for 2 years.

Lab Disposable


 We can provide medical Labs. with any disposable they need.